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Good Monday morning to you – I hope you have a had a lovely weekend. Today I have been asked to take a turn hosting the Around the World Creative Blog Hop. It’s always fun to take part in these things; I’ve made some lovely blogging friends, one of which is Helen who asked me to do this this and hosted it herself last week. Helen’s blog is a great visit – she is always working on something beautiful and her home styling, cakes, gardening and baking are equally inspiring. Her post answering the four questions required is here. Now for my turn…


  • What am I working on now?
  • Every week is different – today I am taking down my paintings from my first solo show at Harborne Art Gallery as it has sadly run to its end date. I’m also working on a delicious brief this week from my agents at Advocate Art for a prospective client. It is a fun brief that requires me to let loose with watercolours and flowers, so I am enjoying sloshing about. After that I have some geometric pattern designs to work up from my Italy photos and a meeting with a new prospective gallery this week too.
  • Claire_leggett_at_work
    • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    • I think art work is so personal and such a reflection of the artist themselves, that the question is a little like asking ‘how do you differ from the next person’. People who know me say my work is very me and that’s all I’ve tried to do is be authentic. I love colour and pattern and putting it all together to make cheerful paintings or designs.


    • Why do I write/create what I do?
    • All creatives say that they need to create as it’s in their life blood – so I won’t say that again (although I just did! and it’s true )  I love colour, pattern and painting and never get tired of looking at the natural world for forms and florals and am endlessly admiring of others who’ve made artistic beauty be it in the design of a building, garden, pattern, painting, even a piece of packaging. I’m at my happiest being able to take it all in, assimilate it and produce my own creative work.
    • Claire_leggett._light_shafts_design
  • How does my writing/creative process work?
  • It’s very cyclical – I paint a still life, like a colour palette and or a flower shape and create a pattern or a card design and then photograph it and write about my work for my blog, and round it goes. Occasionally I’ll have a ‘break-out’ moment when I go off menu and create without agenda but mostly one process leads to ideas for another application or process.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a little of my inner cerebellum!

So now I’m passing on my nominations who will host similarly next week beginning Aug 11th:

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These are all people I’ve connected with over the years who write interesting blogs and whose work I admire and whose answers to those four questions I will look forward to reading. Please click-through the links and visit them next week too.