plan,dream,believe sign

I am back from Patchings Festival. I had a much-needed pyjama day yesterday and a tidying and admin day today. Being in a marquee for 4 days was a little like camping – everything has grass on it. It was the most fun event to do – my neighbouring stall holders were funny, experienced and super friendly – and those laughs helped the quieter times to pass a little quicker. Thank you to all those of you who visited with positive and encouraging comments – I kept a little note of them when I could because it’s so nice to read them back- it really does make the world of difference to me. Having all my work out in one place makes me feel vulnerable to criticism and whilst I know my colour sensibilities and style are not everyone’s cup of tea, it is so greatly welcomed when people enthuse and validate it – so thank you if you did. It was also lovely to meet a few internet connections in person – I hope it was worth the trip! I may have some workshop opportunities coming in the future so I will keep you posted here on the blog as and when they happen.