It’s been three weeks and two days since I last visited here and so much has gone on in that time that I had to look back through photo’s and calendar entries to straighten out in my own mind, the passage of time and events!


I have been creatively consumed – I am prepping like a mad woman for my first stall in April at our local Mosley Art Market.This has involved getting some giclee prints done and cards printed and I hope to soon have an Etsy shop up and running as opposed to just having one (empty) which is the state it’s been in for years. Of course if you’re local, come and visit in person! April 26th 🙂


I also had the good fortune to be taken on by two new licensing agents, one at home and one in the USA – this now means keeping three agents fully fed with work. The two new ones are predominantly interested in surface pattern designs and so I have been happily patterning away. Of course it all has to remain secret and exclusive so no photos here of any of that work but here are ones of lovely Spring flowers to enjoy!


I have had my lovely parents visit which gratefully necessitated my slowing down from full steam, which probably saved my sanity!


It was lovely and sunny and we even got to drink tea in the garden with this fellow.


They brought an early birthday present which planted up looks so cute 🙂


I have also been undeservedly blessed of late by kind friends with presents for me for no other reason than they knew I would like it – speechless really. You know who you are and here I have said it aloud on the internet – you are too kind and the best of friends – thank you xx

claire_leggett_tate britain

I have had a two-day jolly in London involving all the usual haunts and a trip to the chronological re-hang at Tate Britain – loved that and it was interesting to see the range of art developing in the early 1900’s side by side.


Of course Anthropolgie kept up it’s reputation of being an art gallery in itself by having this wonderful ‘installation’ in it – can you see these are all feathers strung and hung? Beautiful.

claire_leggett.Hampstead 2

 I also walked Primrose Hill (and saw three famousness on the same street) and walked around Hampstead which is just the most charming place.


It still retains a lot of it’s old country charm with plenty of references left to the village it used to be. Always happy to go to London and then happy to come back home.

claire_leggett_making flowers

In between things I have been getting to grips with paper flowers and how to make blossom – more on that another time though.

claire_leggett_mothers day macarons

Mothers Day brought me macaroons in gorgeous colours, flowers and chocolates (no chocs to photograph – guess why?!)


Ok, I think I am all present and correct and I feel better about that (hate to neglect my blog and my bloggy chums) – off to knock out birthday bolognaise for Mr L and go see Captain America 🙂 Have a good weekend yourselves.

Back Monday with some painting to show you – sunglasses may be needed ;0