Happy Tuesday 🙂 I have been struggling with intermittent internet connection recently, so sorry for going awol.

I am working on a rather lovely prospective job at the moment and the reference point given was the work of Dufy. I ♥ LoVe ♥ The Favuves –nicknamed in French meaning wild beast because of their strong use of colour, and Raoul Dufy was one of the movement.

I love looking at his work – it seems to me that he sprung out of bed every morning with a joie de vivre and thought what can I paint today… everything I see.

Picnics, still life, seascapes, horse shows, interiors, portraits… he looks like he painted his way through each and everyday. And they are all so bright and happy, so full of gesture and spirit.

And then I stumbled on an anemone still-life of his (gorgeous) and when I Googled: Raoul Dufy, anemones I was in awe of how often and how much, he painted these flowers.

They are such joyous paintings and it’s infectious – I see these and think ‘Get me some anemones, I need to paint them too’  – too bad I can’t find any 😦

I admire the way he captured everything about what he saw with some colour wash and some line work. It’s hard to work that simply if it isn’t your artistic handwriting, but it’s a good challenge to try never-the-less. It makes you observe just what’s important and feel your way through a painting, as much as make a good likeness.

His use of colour, and the research I’ve been doing into the colourful work of other Fauvist painters, is really making this a happiness inducing project to be immersed in – add some Pharrel and a little weak English sunshine and having the internet back on and I’m showing a strong 9 on The Happiness Scale.

It’d be a 10 if I could find my own anemones to paint!