un named -set up 72dpi

I love everything about Alstroemeria’s but their name and spelling! No-one seems to have heard of them, it’s a bit of a tongue twister and gets misspelt easily. But they have lily like petals, a cheap price tag, last for weeks and cry out to be painted with their beautiful symmetry and paint markings.


And this is also the season for beautiful pears with layers of gold and green and speckled colourings flicked on top.

claire_leggett_pebeo gum

To create the layers of paint effect on the lace, I used Pebeo drawing gum instead of masking fluid and I can’t rave about it enough to you.


It handles very differently being more liquidy than gloopy, is water-soluble so it doesn’t gum up the brushes at all and it dries more slowly in use so you can really paint with it carefully rather than rush to get it down before it’s dried on the brush in a globule. I got my 250ml bottle for £7.50 at an art fair (discount prices) so I’m not sure how it compares to other brands but I would say that it’s worth any extra money.


 So back to this un-named painting – although I really enjoyed making it, I am totally stumped as to what to call it. I have already painted one in the past and called it Alstroemeria ( and spelt it differently nearly every time I’ve written it !) Usually a name comes to me as I paint or in the days following finishing but this one is not coming through. So I wondered if you had any ideas? All I’ve got so far is ‘ A pair of pears’ but I don’t think that will do! Do you have any suggestions I could consider?