If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all you will already be able to say how I reacted when I walked into this shop.


My framers wife tipped me off about Constance Wallace after she saw my work coming in to be framed.


And what a find this little place is – a shop dedicated to selling and hiring vintage china.


 I could set up with my paints en situ and not leave for years!


So apart from being crammed full of cups, plates, jugs and teapots, its also got some lovely crochet and vintage table-linens – everything needed for a vintage wedding or an english afternoon tea (or as a distraction for a cup mad artist!)


I did buy something – amazingly only one set! – and was very impressed when the assistant was able to find the matching saucer from a huge stack of them.


I’ll come back later in the week and show you my painting of this little beauty 🙂