I am, creatively speaking, all over the place at the moment! Card designs, paintings, patterns. I’m following my fancy wherever it leads me.


I keep trying to tidy up and find a ‘blank’ space to start from but I inevitably find something that I meant to do ages ago and didn’t. Which is how these came about. Thinking back, it must have been getting on for a year since we had these few days down in St Ives which is where I took these photo’s.


There is a place called The Island which is a large lump of land sticking out at the top of the town centre away from the shops. It used to be part of the defences for St Ives and had a fort on it at one time. Now it’s used by the Coastguard and birdwatchers.


Artists from the Twentieth Century enthused about the light in St Ives for good reason and the habitat is sub-tropical in many places in Cornwall.

Wheatfiel72dpi copy

Wheatfield © Claire Leggett

On the day we visited, as you can see from the photos, we were lucky enough to have sun, flora, beautiful light and amazing colours.

Meadow Jumble_72dpi

Meadow Jumble © Claire Leggett

It has later inspired these three designs as a memory of this place.

Mono Fern_72

Mono Fern © Claire Leggett