I have been a creative powerhouse of late painting away left, right and centre. So in these last few days I have tried to focus on finishing off some of my first ideas. You may recall already seeing the little bird in pic 1. He’s been propped up for sometime tweeting to me ‘I am a nice little birdie – could you paint around me and make me the star of a painting?’


Not the first time a painting has talked to me! And although it’s not my favoured way of going about things I painted in a background around him and gave him a bowl of raspberries to share the stage with.

Raspberry Sneak                  © Claire Leggett

Raspberry Sneak © Claire Leggett

The title makes me laugh because all I could think about was William Morris’ famous Strawberry Thief so ‘Raspberry Sneak’ is a poor emulation! If anyone can think of a better title I am open to re-naming him…