I love other people’s ‘links’ post where they share things you hadn’t yet discovered yourself. So here’s a few good things I’ve found lately…

I have been enjoying this new weekly blog. Each Monday the The Reconstructionists celebrates a remarkable woman in history with a short write up (just enough to make you brainy at a dinner party!) accompanied by Lisa Congdon’s lovely illustrations.

Priodas tsieni by Valériane Leblond

Priodas tsieni by Valériane Leblond

Discovering the beautiful painting of Valériane Leblond.

Myfanwy by Valériane Leblond

Myfanwy by Valériane Leblond

Lapping up floral inspiration here

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 13.42.43Have been reading Painter’s Keys  by Robert Genn which is a twice-weekly letter to artists full of tips, facts and interesting things to know. (Found via Dana who knows the best links to share). This letter was fully of funny terms pertinent to artists. Hope it raises a giggle or too…

Snooler: A person who gushes over your work but who you suspect privately thinks he can do better but actually can’t.

Daddylongpocket: A man who buys a painting done by a woman who is suspicious that the sale took place because she has nice legs and she has.

Arstratto: A wannabe artist who knows how it’s done, knows all about it, talks about it all the time, but can’t bring himself to do it.

Lugg: A husband who inquires when dinner might be ready just as the artist has wax-resisted and is laying in a delicate wash.

Ungrept: A wife who doesn’t understand she’s living with a genius.

Anita Klein Walk To The Studio and Walking Home

Anita Klein     Walk To The Studio and Walking Home      Through The Looking Glass

Continuing to love Anita Klein’s work and reading a book I got for Christmas –   Through The Looking GlassDid you know she alledgedly bought a house in Italy wth the proceeds of an exhibition…. I wish!

Anita Klein     Nigel Barges Past

Anita Klein          Nigel Barges Past       Through The Looking Glass

Well I hope you enjoy some of these and have a great weekend.