First of all an EnOrMoUs thank you for all those lovely comments on the last post. It’s a bit of a bubble working alone at home so it’s extra ‘specially nice when you leave such encouraging and thoughtful comments. It really does mean something to me – my first present of the season – thank you all. x




I thought I’d show you one of the things that has been happily distracting me of late; the making of some handmade Christmas crackers.



I don’t normally go to such lengths (don’t mistake me for someone who makes their own cranberry sauce) but I was seduced by this article in December Country Living showing how to make crackers and paper rosettes.



I thought it would be a great way to use up some of the paper stash but then I bought the gifts for inside and the cracker contents (hat, jokes, snaps etc) so they are probably now classed as Luxury crackers!


An ex-colleague had given me a pile of old music sheets once she knew I was crafty and so these were destined to be center stage. The paper rosettes were really fidley to make and took ages – I had worried they might become Easter crackers!


But I had fun painting labels and stamping names and then making an assembly line of filling and sticking and tieing them up.

But woe betide anyone who rips theirs apart though! It’s got to be elegant cracker unwrapping this year 😉