autumn jug set up

Hello friends and visitors! I feel like I’ve been absent here of late – distracted has been my middle name! Can I regale you of the many interruptions each day has brought with workmen visiting to quote, a decorator decorating, a boiler to be looked into, tracking a huge missing Amazon delivery sent to the wrong address, short daylight hours to work in…yadda, yadda…

embroidered tablecloth

Somewhere in the midst of it all I have finished Autumn Jug. I really like periods of uninterrupted time to paint in; I just can’t when there are peeps in the house who don’t belong so it’s been slow going.

autumn jug underway_1

Instead I started Christmas projects, which although easier to do while making workmen cups of tea every two to three hours, has meant not much real work. But hey, I’m ahead for Christmas, my living room is decorated and my heating works (nearly)!

autumn jug underway_3

The set-up for this still life came together very easily. I had bought the vintage jug and tablecloth together as they had a nice orange, flowery theme in common. Then the flowers dictated the other colours that went in. I love painting plums because they really add a depth of colour that you don’t often add as it’s such a dark tone but it’s helped balance the deep blue in the background.

autumn jug underway_4

Chrysanthemums can go on the list of ‘unsuspectingly difficult flowers to paint’ along with Daffodils and Sweet Peas. Loads of layers in there people ! In fact this piece took the whole length of the Grapes of Wrath audiobook (which was awesome BTW) just short of 20 hours. But there’s no where else I’d rather be.

Autumn Jug © Claire Leggett

Autumn Jug © Claire Leggett