I think that spending the last three weekends decorating finally caught up with me this weekend as I found myself nesting in bed reading e magazines. Did you know there were so many of them? Neither did I, so I thought I’d share some with you today.

First up is 91magazine which has an inspirational, crafty, vintage vibe to it. It has interviews with artists, crafters, some snooping around other people’s gorgeous homes and a great how-to for a fabric covered hanger.

Lonny is a much more polished, high end East Coast type magazine out of the US.

It’s more about what you can buy rather than what you can make but there is a lovely article on the painter Gloria Vanderbilt in this current issue.

Tickle the Imagination hails from Australia and aims to do just what it says on the cover – to get your creative juices flowing by a look at what other artists and designers out of Australia are doing.

This makes interesting reading because it’s about people like you and me, who are making and doing what they love.

Adore magazine is another on-line offering from Australia full of enviable homes, shopping guides and scrummy things to make to eat.

One of my favourites is Heart Home magazine not just for flying the British flag but because it really does have lovely inspiring homes in it (the sort you could achieve yourself.)

 The latest issue has an interview with Tricia Guild of Designers Guild – a ‘sort of day-in-the-life-of’ which I lapped up with wishful thinking!

That’s all for now but don’t forget Sweet Paul magazine and Covet Garden (which I’ve mentioned before) and please don’t blame me if you loose half a day reading all these! It is winter after all – what better way to hibernate then with free magazines 🙂