I had a little fun over the weekend with paint, glue and pretty pictures.

A while back I saw this book Victorian Goods and Merchandise.

It is full of black and white engraved images of Victorian images which would have used as a form of catalogue for Victorian shoppers.

It’s arranged in categories from Women’s undergarments (not sure when I might need to use those pictures!) through to packaging, food, sewing supplies etc.

Throw in some old postage stamps bought in a charity (thrift) shop and I was ready to up cycle this wooden letter rack into something worthy of accompanying my vintage-ese telephone.

I thought I’d share yesterday’s Good Read Quote of The Day as it made me smile and kind of sums up these crazy little projects of mine. Off to do a loony-goony dance now!

Do a loony-goony dance 

‘Cross the kitchen floor, 

Put something silly in the world
That ain’t been there before.

Shel Silverstein

The author of Where the Sidewalk Ends