Here, as promised yesterday, are some store pic’s of my rootle tootle around Anthropologie on Monday – enjoy!

As always there was lots of colour – I wish I had that chair.

It always amazes me what they think up next to do with a dish towel. The bottom right-hand one is a bird silhouette made from a piece of cross-stitch sewn on. There were also wooden chairs with tapestry and cross stitched panels glued onto them. Not sure how hard-wearing it would be but it’s a great idea never-the-less.

There was a lot of ‘pale and interesting’ things requiring some plaster of paris and paper mache.

And lots of gorgeous bright happy china. Two new mugs came home with me.

The displays and packaging is always inspiring. I wouldn’t have a rhino head on my wall at home but I like the idea of hanging up my plates amongst mirrors, pictures and other bits.