Thank you for all the comments on Cake. Of course I would love to bake for all of you – no really! Since I last wrote (6 days ago) my family has gone through one 12′ chocolate fudge cake and 24 blueberry muffins, so you can see that my baking capacity is fully employed here.

And I didn’t mean to drop off the radar for six days, I just got busy with things one of which was to follow the desire to paint butterflies one day.

I fulfilled one of my self-imposed goals of using this full-time art status to actually get out and about and draw and sketch.  Having driven past some amazing allotments for years bemoaning the fact that I never got the time to go and make a project of them, I decided it was high time I made it happen. So on Friday I ended up at a different, but still charming, little plot of 6 allotments tucked away secretly on one of Birmingham’s oldest estates (think Arts and Crafts not Tower blocks). I spent 3 hours there until I got too cold but I did some good sketches which I’ll show you one day when they are worked up into something.

The weekend was crammed with re-decorating the first-born son and heir’s bedroom and going to the first ever local Drive-In movie of Grease. Oh my – I loved every minute from making the popcorn, to filling the cars with blankets to being officially invited as ‘cool’ enough to stay in the car with 4 teenagers who didn’t mind that i was singing along – I do know every word after all it was my era!

Yesterday I headed down to London to check out Top Drawer an exhibition for Trade wanting to source products for their shops. I went to see what was on offer and what might be involved if you wanted to produce something and market it. I had a very useful chat with fellow Birmingham artist Kate Farley and I got to meet Rachael Taylor (tutor of the ABSPD course) in person. And then I went to Anthropologie and Liberty’s because I always have to   – I’ll post some store snaps from Anthropologie tomorrow. All caught up now – off to do some work 🙂 Have a good week.