Today would normally have been my first day back in school teaching but this term heralds a whole new change of life for me.

It feels strange after so many years of a familiar rhythm. I’m sad not to have that catch-up chat with colleagues and sad to not to see the children but I’m also excited about my new future.

So while someone else has been doing playground duty, marking books and coping with school stress, I’ve been doing something altogether different today.

I have recently been a stylist for John who publishes How2Craft books. He is currently adding additional soaps to Make Your Own Soap by Joy James  and he asked if I’d work as his stylist. Hell – yeah 🙂 Dream job!

My job is to prep the photo’s ready for taking by making vignettes that suit the ingredients or style of the soap and hold the light (which might mean sitting on the toilet to do so!) and generally tweak and dust and fiddle so that the shots look fabulous.

And they do!