When we were in St Ives recently we saw the Give Me Tomorrow exhibition by Alex Katz.

Alex Katz

Despite him being a big name artist in America, I had never heard of him until now.

He is known as one of the fore-runners of the Pop Art movement and began his painting career in the 1940’s.

Alex Katz

In reading up a little more about him on our favourite Wikipedia it says “Katz has admitted to destroying a thousand paintings during his first ten years as a painter in order to find his style. Since the 1950s, he worked to create art more freely in the sense that he tried to paint “faster than [he] can think.” I love that last phrase; it’s so hard not to talk yourself into edits as you’re creating so I really get what he’s saying here.

Wikipedia goes onto to say that “His works seem simple, but according to Katz they are more reductive, which is fitting to his personality.” 

I love the impact and freshness of his work. In one room in the Tate there were four seaside themed works which just perfectly conjured up the very essence of the coast that I sat in that room for a while soaking it in – and then did a curcuit and came back to do it again!

Alex Katz

I admire his ability to pare-down and be economical with shape, line and composition and I LoVe his use of colour.

I think this will be the beginning of a new found inspiration.