Hello again! I did not mean to be gone for so long. Nor did I mean to post twice about my cards (an error in the scheduling process-eek) but thank you for your hip-hooray’s and kind words of support.

I nipped off on a little mini-break (ala Bridget Jones!) to one of my favourite places St Ives, Cornwall. For those not in the know (or country) it’s on the North tip of the South coast and it’s famous for its artists in the 20’s Alfred Wallis, Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood and Naum Gabo and it’s potters and sculptors like Barbara Hepworth and Bernard Leach.

View from our window.


We enjoyed mad weather like everyone else in Britain at the moment; the full range of mist, drizzle, sunshine and showers.


But it didn’t spoil things in any way because the scenery is always gorgeous whatever the weather and the town is busting with galleries, shops and places to eat and drink not to mention the wonderful Tate gallery.

There was lots of wildlife – mainly these noisy creatures on the look out for pieces of a Cornish pasty!

But we were also lucky enough to see a seal and her pup come in really close to shore.

This gives you an idea how close. I think she was enticed by something that the children were crabbing with on the harbour side. She stayed for ages and gave us great photo’s like a celebrity seal on the red carpet!

It’s always exciting to unexpectedly see an animal in its natural habitat.

But not these ones – nice colours but too aggressive and big for my liking. Oh, and noisy at night too.

The Island area of St Ives was full of wild plants and flowers all enhanced by the beautiful backdrop of turquoise sea.

And did I say there were a few seagulls around ? I think this one got tired of me stalking along after it!

We also went to Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture garden and the Tate so once I’ve sorted through the photos I’ll come back and show you.