All this rain without much warmth and sunshine, is not bringing my garden along much at all. The tomatoes are just sitting there not really putting on any height, seedlings have sprouted and look bemused as to whether to continue and bedding plants get water-logged all the time and don’t progress. It’s all a bit disappointing.

I bought these flowers to paint and draw for their colour and amazing petals.

This weekend was time to get a grip of the garden, a post Spring garden blitz before the summer (and the rain) take hold and cause much more beatific growth in all the wrong places.

Our veg patch is a particular cause of concern – totally over-grown – and as I began strimming it, I remarked to myself what an amazing invention it was, how much one could do with it, how fast…. then it heated up, smoked and died.

So I became a human strimmer, standing face to face with a wall of 4/5 foot weeds (plants in the wrong place) I just dove it and pulled.

All along I had a little company in the form of a very brave Robin who came in really close to dip in and pick up some juicy caterpillars. It’s legs were so tiny, unbelievably thin, hard to imagine it could support a body.

The other company I had spent the day sniffing frogs in the pond and was not nearly so brave. So cute to watch her being spooked by the jumping frogs – she wants to look but she’s scared to. Look at that blurred wagging tail – says it all.

If I told you that (old fence included) we have had two long bonfires and still need a third, you might be able to measure the extent of the garden taming that’s gone on. Off to build no.3 then…