I was really inspired to paint by this photo from La Tartine Gourmand by Beatrice Peltre.

© Beatrice Peltre la tartine gourmand

The colours are gorgeous, the styling and composition and the use of fabric patterning all had my inspiration needle pinging overload.


 And as luck would have it we had just bought gorgeous new turquoise bowls and a trip to the supermarket yield a box of Cotswold Legbar eggs.


These eggs all look white in the packet – it wasn’t until I arranged them in the bowl that I could see the delicate change in hues from white to green to blue.


I’ve said before how photographing a set-up sometimes helps me to decide what to paint and how.


Last time we played this guessing-game you all seemed to enjoy it and some asked to play again… so leave a comment with the letter which you think was the still life set up I finally went with?


PS – it’s just for fun and because getting comments is nice 🙂