A while back I had one of those on-line moments where you find you’ve bought something you’d never set out to find – you know how one link leads to another, to another and then somehow ends up at PayPal!

I bought a set of 50 vintage Wills’s cigarette cards, all floral from the 1930’s I think.

I was simply taken with the styling of the painting and the colours. In real life they are quite tiny but still very beautiful.

May 26th

It is also the last day of the ‘paint-every-day-in-May’ which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

May 27th

It has really got me back into using a sketchbook and enjoying it. I’ve tried hard to just let go and get on with it and let unexpected successes come along and power on past those dire moments (you can always rip it out 😉 )

May 28th

I’ve got in the habit of using it to warm up (like an Olympian athlete! lol) before a big still-life painting session or for some light relief after too much computer time.

It has also channelled my attention into actually putting inspiration into paint  like these cigarette cards being out to use, and all those inspiration photo’s that get taken, and magazine cuttings that get torn out…

May 29th

I feel like I’ve got into good habits and I hope to stay that way now.

May 30th

SO, thanks to Dana and Anne for suggesting it, enthusing about it and playing alongside. And for the nice comments you’ve left which have spurred me to keep on.

May 31st

And feel free to ask me soon if I’ve kept up the good work.