Garden of Love by Kim Parker             All images reproduced with permission.

We are enjoying another unusually sunny day here in the UK with hot temperatures and everyone in a good mood. Imagine how happy we’d all be if we lived in sunny climes 12/7!

Beach Garden by Kim Parker

And that has put me in the mood to share this lady’s wonderful work with you.

Wild Roses by Kim Parker

Kim Parker is an artist and textile designer with the most wonderful sense of colour I’ve every seen.

Kim Parker

As a child she grew up painting but at first pursued a career as flutist. After a while she allowed her preference for the freedom of paint to free her from the perfectionism required of a professional musician.

Rose Trellis by Kim Parker

She worked in some design agencies through the simple tenacity of applying and then proving herself.

Three Sunflowers by Kim Parker

She eventually set up her own label and design studio. I know she’s very well-known in America but I don’t think so much so in the UK, although having read her book I spotted a plate that I had bought in TK Max not realising its origin.

Kim Parker Interior

I love her spontaneity, the colours she places together and the tones she combines all in one piece.

Kim Parker Interior

Her work is like grabbing a huge bunch of mixed, beautiful flowers or walking through a bountiful garden on a sunny day. A day like today.