Last Autumn, on a whim, I bought a bag of mixed daffodils and a bag of mixed tulip bulbs while shopping in Costco. It wasn’t planned or researched and I paid for quantity over quality.

But I seemed to have struck lucky with them; they are gorgeous.

I had thought they were relatively cheap but in amongst the standard bulbs are some stunning varieties of double-headed daffodils and huge headed tulip blooms.

I had planted them in every spare place in the garden and in every empty pot or vessel that I could find. There were 350 bulbs in all. I even had to squeeze them into pots with other things in already them. But the result is a garden bursting with colour from front to back, left to right.

I ย would love to repeat this Spring display again next year without re-planting and my research so far says I might be lucky/I might not. So my green-fingered friends my question to you is: Is there anything I can do to encourage a repeat flowering next year?