Back in January you may remember this post where I had been working on some drawings of vintage cutlery.

 As part of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course (now on the last Module) we were tasked to create a collection of designs.

This was huge learning curve for me. Firstly it became quickly apparent that I didn’t have the computer equipment to do this (15 mins spent waiting for an image to move 1cm across the page!) so we upgraded to a beautiful, big, fast monster of a Mac.

Then I had a lot to learn about Adobe Photoshop (BTW did you know that BIG discounts were available if you are a student or teacher?) I can now use lots of the tools thanks to Rachael’s brilliant tutorials and I’ve remembered stuff from my college degree that I’d forgotten I’d forgotten!

As with all learning curves I would already handle designing these in a different way (nicer colours for a start) and I’m now trying to stay truer to my painters hand when I design.

But I think they have some merit especially because I came across these a few weeks after I’d completed my designs. So maybe I’m on the right track after all!