The back garden of the cottage we stayed in, in Wales, was full of primroses – pale yellow, pink, cerise and magenta.

The hedgerows were also full of them on every side. Such a beautiful display made all the more charming by their natural re-population.

Hard to catch a picture of in the blustery wind but of the zillion photo’s at least few aren’t blurred.

I particularly love the star-shaped centre and sweet-heart petals.

And up close you can see natures cleaver drainage hole in the centre of the flower – just like a sink without a plug!

I happen to find this little jug for 50 pence whilst thrifting one day (loads to be had in Wales and I bartered hard, but more of that some other time). And then in a moment of serendipity the flowers went with the jug, the scale was just right and it rained so hard we stayed in and I found time to paint them.