Spring is proving to be full of my favourite-to-paint flowers but sadly not when I have time to paint them.

This beautiful Auricula is a case in point.

Bought at the garden centre, tightly in bud, I thought I’d have a week or so as a head start but Mother Nature (and central heating) had other ideas.

I was very excited recently to have the opportunity to hear my favourite painter, Jean B. Martin, talk about her work and processes.

It was fascinating and inspiring.

One thing she said which had me nodding along, was how hard it is to keep up with painting certain flowers while they are in season. Her daughter had given her a bunch of anemones for Mothers Day and she had promptly scheduled out the next day to paint them before they died. I totally understand that as this plant keeps reminding me!

Jean Martin "Princes Treasure" (which we very luckily own!)

Jean Martin "Princes Treasure" (which we very luckily own!)