Spring is certainly in the air now. There is an amazing drift of crocuses over at the woods and I’m having a hard time keeping my dog from running through them like a four-legged vandal.

Tulips are my most favourite flower so I’m glad the shops are full of them and they’re cheap! I feel like you really get your money’s worth because even as they open and die they’re beautiful.

In our house I love the way that we get sunlight flooding the dinner table.

So tulips, sunshine and lovely china makes Claire a happy girl.

And there was a spring theme to the very nice parcel that flew over from Australia. I was the lucky recipient of Barbara’s Pale Blue Door blog giveaway. Amongst the lovely spring fabrics was some of Barbara’s gorgeous hallway wallpaper (which I have coveted since she first showed it) and I have promised to try to use it as a painting backdrop one of these days (might have bitten off more than I can chew there!)

This Paris fabric was also in the giveaway parcel and how serendipitous as we are making our plans to go soon.

And many thanks for the Parisian suggestions.