What a lovely holiday break we have enjoyed. I love it when the usual timetable of life is disrupted by holidays like Christmas. The most special time is the in-between time after Christmas but before New Year, when you can’t remember what day it is and nothing is expected of you from inside or outside your home. Long days of reading, knitting, watching films and cooking simply. Restorative time.

But then there is also welcomeness to the return of a routine. In some ways I feel like I’ve been in hibernation this past year and now I’m ready for this New 2012 Year to bring a fresh resolve and energy with it.

I also have to quickly show you what a lucky girl I was as Santa told all my family how I would love to receive one of these and as I know that I’m among teacup-loving friends here I knew you’d want to see them too…

I will truly treasure these heirlooms of the future.

We have used them already for tea and espresso and I feel sure they will feature in a painting in the not too distant future.

Even the boxes are beyond gorgeous.

With those and a nice little pile of inspiring books to look at and read I feel motivated to slide out of my den and spring into a creative future. Watch out!