Hurray! I learnt how to do colour overlay’s in Photoshop last week and have been having the best fun ever since ‘colouring’ in. The possibilities are endless I tell you!

I don’t think any of these are award-winning wallpaper designs or anything. In fact I found it hard to conjure up colour ideas after designing the pattern in black and white. Luckily I’ve been pinning colours to my Colour Palettes Pinterest board for a while now, so I had a bank of inspiration to go to.

I remember learning to drive and finding steering unexpectedly tricky. Now I jump in the car and co-ordinate all the tasks without even thinking about it. And so it will be with this I’m sure. Off to obsess some more with colour options, placement choices, scaling, repeats, texture…

Thank you to:

for letting me show your work here as my colour inspiration.