I find it really hard to believe that it is twenty years since I was a fresh faced art student eagerly setting out in the creative world to study Textile Design as it was then known (now it’s Surface Pattern Design). I love working with children, but how I became an infant teacher would take a lot of telling and probably a bottle of wine, so suffice it to say that teaching was Plan B. A a very good, enjoyable and worthwhile Plan B it has been.

I heard a phrase the other day which I quite like; someone described them self as a ‘recovered artist’ which is a bit how I found myself three years ago. However good Plan B is, untapped creativity just doesn’t go away.

This past week has been Week 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Patten Design and it has been great for me. I feel like I have come home again.

We were asked to choose and find a shape in environments around us or on objects and draw them small, large, reflected, microscopic, in outline, in silhouette, in detail, whole, simplistically and on…I cracked open a new sketchbook (first mistake – A4 would have been easier to scan from than A3) and got lost for hours drawing variations.

I absolutely love having reminders and prompts to look, work and think differently. Tonight I made a brush from rubber bands! More on that another time and I’ll show you some patterns I mocked up.