Here’s another gorgeous Pip Studio teacup. It’s a dainty little espresso cup.

I just love watery water-colours and thick textured paper and bleeding shades into each other. It’s almost meditative for me which is good because I’m not feeling very chipper. Life seems to be in control of me and not the ‘tother way around. And I’m not enjoying all the new darkness and how it seems to have shortened the day, especially for daylight painting.

Anyway grumbles aside I am enjoying all the lovely comments I’ve been getting recently.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and it’s been a bit lonely along the way so I am utterly delighted that some of you are visiting and commenting often. It really is helping me stay enthused at the moment. Thank you.

But back to the little Pip cup because I have rambled off topic (wasn’t expecting to either, it must have wanted out though…here I am still rambling off topic!)

I bought this little cup in Brighton years ago for 25 pence. Despite it having a chip in it (I’ve used my artistic licence there) it is fitting in with my pink and blue teacup theme.

I particularly love the shape of the handle.

I really enjoy the decoration the cup has inside as you get lots of pattern from a front angle.

 And last up is this pink stripe Whittard’s teacup. I was feeling a bit under the weather by the end of yesterday and forgot to take any other photo’s of it as it was painted.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.