Lucy Casson Upholsterers

Yesterday I went into Staffordshire town center to catch the end of the Smile exhibition.

This is a Ruthin Craft Centre touring exhibition. I think it’s going to King’s Lynn next but you can look here to find out.

 And the theme of the exhibition was simply ‘Smile”.

Janet Bolton

The exhibition showcases the work of thirteen contemporary applied artists all working in different fields.

  • Janet Bolton

The exhibition “looks at how makers have explored the quintessentially British love of everyday humour.  Many of the works suggest memories of childhood and long-ago holidays or explore the comedy in ordinary life.”

Janet Bolton
And it did just that. It was a small exhibition but it had me smiling and exclaiming and cooing and feeling light-hearted and whimsical.
Who couldn’t fail to smile at this simple, cute, crazy idea?

Freddie Robbins

And I really enjoy Linda Millar’s embroidery because I love the celebration of life that these convey.

Linda Miller

They do work to make me smile and feel happy, apart from being eye catching patterns and colours and well crafted.

Linda Miller

“All the people in my work smile because mostly they are genuinely happy and contented and busy being about their business.”

Linda Miller

And finally here’s a little Julie Arkell, but it’s just a taster.

Julie Arkell A lamb For Heidi

There was much more than this but I have made a post for tomorrow which is dedicated to just her work.