Jillian Tamaki

I happened upon these beautiful book covers by Jillian Tamaki.

Jillian Tamaki Front cover of Emma

They are from a new range called Penguin Threads.

Jillian Tamaki

And they are of course all beautiful embroideries designed to be book jackets.

Jillian Tamaki Front cover of Black Beauty

I love how Jillian uses different kinds of stitches to represent the texture of the real life object. Emma’s hair looks like a real plait, Black Beauty’s mane is so realistic it could have been sewn with horse hair and the leaves on the Secret Garden cover are gorgeously shiny and plump.

Jillian Tamaki

I know they are released in the USA now but I hope we get them in the UK because they are works of art in themselves never mind all three stories being keepers too.

Jillian Tamaki Front cover of The Secret Garden