I have had so much fun with this painting.

All those spots of colour for the buttons on the teapot have been fun to mix and paint.

I had to take my time and layer them up bit by bit. It was very time-consuming but I got all caught up on The Archers and all the Afternoon Play’s not to mention the Classic Serial and the Saturday Play!

Did I ever tell you that I work best when listening to some kind of dialogue on the radio like a play or podcast. Something that I don’t have to remember later because although I am listening I’m not taking it in, it just serves to stop me thinking too consciously about what my hand is doing with the paintbrush. It helps me be more instinctive. Am I a funny creature or do you find the same?

 Here she is in all her finished glory and I’ve put her for sale here.

Button Teapot Sept 2011 © Claire Leggett