Last Christmas I was given this button teapot and apart from making a great brew it looks good too.

I also struck lucky at the car boot sale recently in finding these vintage Sylko threads.

Then one idea spurred another on and after rummaging further through my Nan’s sewing box, I found a lovely ornate pair of scissors and an old tape measure. And that’s how this still life came about.

I thought you might like to see the process photo’s. This is my under-painting of the shadows and it’s this that gives the objects form before the patterns go on top. It looks rather ghostly!

And here it is with the patterned background painted in. I love this piece of grey wrapping paper and have used it loads. It’s just the right colour and density of pattern and so it often works just right.

And of course you can’t beat a lovely medium weight, slightly rough water-colour paper to absorb all that paint and water that has been sloshed about.

So good, so far. All the enjoyable coloured details next. Lots of colours to mix up for those buttons. Lu came home and decided to take a picture of me hard at it and as it was relatively flattering I thought I’d include it here. Back with the finished piece soon I hope. And I hope I’ll still be smiling!