I have this holiday thing to do with old doors and windows. I have so many photo’s of windows, shutters, pretty window sill’s and gorgeous painted exteriors from all our holiday destinations, that you’d think I was going to wallpaper the house with them all.

There are many reasons why I love my family but one of them has got to be the way they tolerate me walking 5 minutes behind snapping at odd angles or calling a halt on a car journey so I can leap out and capture something I’ve just seen.

I guess houses capture something of real domestic life in some way. Hard to imagine a Greek visitor to the UK would snap a picture of our road but that’s culture for you.

I like the colours, the paint, the aging, the superficial look of a place, but most of all I think I take these pictures as I am asking myself “Would I live here?’, ‘Could I live here?’ and that’s what travel is all about, that stretch of the imagination for the possibilities of new horizon’s.

Last up tomorrow is a bit of the island’s crochet.