It looks like there is a theme to my life at the moment – strawberries and roses! – as all my most recent blog posts have been about one or the other.

But whose complaining as some of the other recurring themes of my life might be laundry, cooking, shopping and remembering most things for most people and that would be boring to blog about.

Last weekend we had family to stay; family with very green fingers who appreciated a little trip out to this amazing place.

David Austin Roses is a little drive from us into the Wolverhampton countryside and June/early July is the best time to visit the gardens because there is so much in bloom.

I could wax lyrical about the colours, textures, smell, size, shape, smell, planting scheme variety of blooms and the smell! I am a big rose fan, can you tell? And I adore the smell, did you pick that up? I really do stop to smell the roses where ever I go because I love the fragrance. (Note to self: find a roses perfume and become an old lady who smells of roses and always has Polo mints in her capacious handbag for her grand children).

It had rained all morning so by the time we got there the sun was out but the blooms were covered with droplets. Lovely to photograph but it did mean that we had to dry our noses after every sniff – which was a lot of times.

There is a very nice tea room (which we didn’t partake in as I had made a chocolate beetroot cake – oh yes – and we were all caked out) an obligitory gift shop selling anything and everything linked in any way to roses and of course the nursery.

We came away with three standard roses for our new garden; a peach, a cream and a neon orange. A very lovely trip, highly recommended.