What a week! Shall we have a catch up? After the flat-out painting marathon that was required to reach recent deadlines I fell into a vacuum of not painting for a while. I still have loads of shots locked in a camera that won’t talk to my computer nicely and release said pictures. Maybe they are so good, and the camera has become sentient, that it won’t let them leave. Or maybe somethings just broken! Anyways while I’m waiting on technical compliance before my next show and tell this is what else I have been up to…

… really enjoying reading this book and still haven’t worked out how it all interconnects and I’m nearly at the end (love stories like that, that keep you guessing).

…reading this new magazine. It was all over blogland in the week it hit newsstands and had favourable reviews. Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe I looked in too many shops before I actually found it, maybe it was a tad too expensive at £5, maybe I read too many blogs and had seen some of the images before but it was a little disappointing but not so much so that I wouldn’t buy another sometime.

… been swiftly moving on from completing one decorated bedroom to the destructive side of decorating another. My strategy is to begin the second one so quickly after the first that no one living here really even notices. And no it hasn’t worked out that way but what is begun can only be finished right?!

… no need to garden much this year because the previous owners were horticultural geniuses. However I am in love with this flower – bellis – which I planted into a patio pot in the spring.

…excited about my page on this website and fingers crossed for some sales and more projects developing.

…still trying to get a picture of Lottie when she isn’t moving and hasn’t got her tongue lolling out. So that’s not happening. She is so adorable. If I had realised the unconditional love of dogs sooner I may have opted for dogs over children! Not really!

…especially enjoying seeing the seasons develop as I’m forced to be in the woods everyday to walk Dottie Lottie ( I don’t really walk her – she runs around like a small pony and I play scrabble on my phone).

…really enjoyed this blog post which prompted me to think that some creative inspiration should be had soon in the form of visiting a London gallery or two or three…

…enjoying two new (to me) blogs. This one is enjoyably educative and I found out about an upcoming Mary Fedden exhibition that I might otherwise have missed out on hearing about.  And this one which is simply so inspiring I want to go and paint something right now! Even though I’m ‘resting’. Contrary I know.