The farm shop provided more floral inspiration. It’s great, every where I look there are things to paint!

Am learning to use my new camera. I’ve had it a year. It took some months to realise it needed rechargeable batteries. I know how that sounds but honestly they did replace it as faulty at first. They didn’t tell me then and there. Anyways the camera purchase rant is old news so I won’t get started again!

Even other people are wanting to use it (hence photo of me).

I feel it’s a great days work if I can set up, draw and block in all the colours. And I discovered this guy a few days ago and bought an older (but more bluesy) album and have been listening to it on rotate today. Hope you enjoy him too (probably all you in the USA will think it’s crazy I’d not heard of him yet but hey we’re an island what can I say!)