I love snooping around other people’s houses don’t you? I will always go to the bathroom just to get a sneak peek all round the house. Sometimes I’m just bold enough to ask for a guided tour. The only plus to house hunting last year, was to look about and see what others were doing with their spaces (mostly…not the man with cat’s doing everywhere!) Back in December we had a decorating marathon here (studio – tick, guest room – tick, study – nearly ticked)and I never showed you. It’s still not quite finished but I was in the mood to show you some interesting corners so far.


This is Ollie’s study which is also known occasionally as his ‘man cave’ and he had very specific ideas about its decoration. He wanted it really dark (that’s Brinjal by Farrow and Ball) and for it to have a gentleman’s club vibe (the old-fashioned kind, not the modern Spearmint Rhino type!) BTW that photo is of Ollie’s late grandad meeting Winston Churchill – cool eh?


It’s yet to be furnished with a big olde desk and leather wing back chair but I hope you enjoyed that little peek. Some Cath Kidson wallpaper went up elsewhere today so I look forward to showing you that really soon. Have a great weekend.