© Claire Leggett "Blossom" 2011

This painting has taken many layers to build up to being finished. Each layer brings a bit more detail and deepens the colours. It’s been like slowly focussing a camera lens. Speaking of camera’s; I just could not get a true photograph of the colours in this painting. The pink blossoms are grey here. Which they are not. Annoying given how long I’ve spent trying to get the right shade of pink/gray/angelfluffcolour. Anyways…I thought I’d show you what good company I’ve been keeping in the studio this week…


While I’ve been painting, this industrious soul used the above book to inspire an applique teddy bear which she then made into a purse (with a teensy bit of help with the zip). So cute! She’s so cute. The purse is so cute. Happy days. Have  a great Easter weekend. God bless x