I saw an article recently in a national magazine which featured this lovely gallery The Mulberry Tree on the south coast in Swanage, Dorset.


It sowed a seed of thought which took hold and germinated for a while before my better self got hold of my procrastinating self and said ‘Why not email them…NOW”. And so I did. And got the most wonderful, warm response to submit some images of my work for possible exhibition.


Fast forward to yesterday. We (the whole family crew including dog, who are holidaying at home this Easter) took off to Swanage for a day trip, to meet the owners and show the gallery my work (only me, they wandered Swanage eating things!)


I had a wonderful few hours meeting Sonia, talking and planning, getting good advice and hearing her enthusiasm in my work. I’d taken nine pieces to show. The nine pieces that I have left ‘in stock’ at the moment. My experience so far has been that people choose three. My highest hope was for three. But…and the photo’s may already have given this away to the most astute of you… she wanted to try to sell all nine! ALL NINE!!


I actually left with empty bags! I am so utterly delighted, speechless, grateful, excited, validated, inspired, thankful and buzzing. And needing to get down to some serious painting again now that I’m ‘out of stock’.