I feel like I have been a little absent here of late. There seems to be a lot going on for this family at the moment so I put creativity on hold for a while and took a deep breath and submerged into it! Now I’m coming up for air again.


What have I been doing? This week I have…

…STILL been archiving ALL my photo’s. Hundreds, no thousands. Disc’s backed up. Contact sheets printed. Laptop memory empty! Hurrah. (Note to self: don’t let it get that bad EVER again).

…enjoying the first Spring in a new garden and seeing what comes to life.

…been buying and making things that make me think that this little acorn of a desire to be a painter, is inching it’s way towards something a little bigger.


…enjoying that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, even if I did not manage very well on Monday. I need my sleep, what can I say, every hour counts.

….tidying up the studio, delivering for exhibition/collecting from exhibition, stretching paper, clearing the display board, getting ready for a fresh start at something.


…booking a holiday after fretting for weeks that there would be nowhere to go, any where in the world, for us! Zakynthos (Zante) here we come.

…beginning a fresh round of house renovation: wallpaper striping in preparation of some PIP Studio going up, making endless tea and coffee for the decorators who have made the house look like a freshly iced cake.

…falling in love (even more) with our dog.

Have a good weekend yourself. x.