This quilt below gave me inspiration to try out a new perspective on a still life by viewing it directly from above.

Jane Burch Conchran “Paper plates”

I had a good rummage through my piles of tablecloths and plates, china, teapots etc and I found this tablecloth embroidered in a grid pattern which then prompted the layout of one item into each square.

It’s been tricky to draw from directly above and I am grumbling about backache now; but as they say ‘no pain, no gain’!

I gave it a background wash and then added deep and medium tone shadows into wet paint. I love doing this because it bleeds together in an unpredictable way (I don’t like sharp shadows) and this shows off the grain and texture of the water-colour paper.

I blocked all the objects in with simple colour washes and then painted in the embroidery.

And here it is at the end of the day, mid way thorough. I know some of you enjoy these step by step painting stories and this painting is being very compliant and photogenic. I’ll finish off by posting the ending tomorrow.