One of my favourite presents this Christmas was this book of Angie Lewin’s work.

It arrived wrapped in cellophane and I knew it was going to be special.

Angie Lewin. Salthouse on the Scenic North Norfolk Coast poster.

There is much to see from her development processes; how she edits, simplifies and develops her drawings into designs that can be printed. You have to think in layers when you lino or screen print and it’s interesting to see how she simplifies and then complicates the imagery.

Angie Lewin. Lino block

I love art books that let you inside the mind and life of an artist. Ones where you can learn from their thought processes and practice, and this doesn’t disappoint on that front.

Angie Lewin. Dandelion 3 – sketchbook

I really lingered over the pages of her sketchbook work, watching how she had developed her on-site sketches into designs.
Angie Lewin.

She adheres to a routine of walking everyday with a sketchbook and sits down low to draw or paint which is how she has developed her trademark perspective of seeing a landscape from through the ground cover of everyday plants.
Angie Lewin. Autumn Spey – sketchbook

I love the way her sketches are almost flat designs from the first stroke. She seems to see in shapes.
I wasn’t expecting to see collage work amongst her repertoire but she does a little when playing around with old prints and found objects.
Angie Lewin. Collage

I found Angie’s still life painting inspirational because whenever I’m feeling like my work is too ‘domestic’ it is always heartening to see other artists documenting their favourite china and plants too!
Angie Lewin

So onto the list of ‘could do’s’ (which is my new name for ‘resolutions’ goes ‘sketching in the woods’. I’m not sure I could sit down in the damp but just getting out and recording nature ‘en plein air’ is very good artistic practice.

And what’s the point of a good book inspiring you if it doesn’t take you to new places of endeavour. you can remind me that I said that!