Back in December The Independant paper ran an article; “Name ten things you didn’t like when you were 25 that you like now.” Then the PM Show picked it up and discussed it on the radio and so my friends, my husband and I got to hear and then had a go at our own lists.

The reason for telling you? (Yes there is a point to all this- “Bear with” as Miranda would say) One of my ten things would have to be becoming interested in birds (Dad don’t snigger!) Since we moved here and became happily sandwiched between a wood and a park, we have seen and heard a lot of bird life happening around us and I’m surprised to find myself enjoying it. The Jay above is apparently the playground bully but looks like a Hollywood star. He stopped off in our garden one lunchtime and amazed us all.

So while I’m on the subject, how about playing along and sharing a list of five things you didn’t like when you were 25 that you like now? Here’s mine;

1. Bird watching

2. Olives

3. Staying up into the small hours clubbing ( P.S. I got it around the wrong way – I meant to say I don’t like it anymore – I like an early night!)

4. History in any form

5. Spending every free minute marking or planning for school

What’s yours?