Yep, I got up and got on with it spurred on by a text (thanks Abs) and encouraging news (thanks Steph) and “Cherries” is all finished.

I love to use masking fluid when there are dainty little bits of pattern that need to stay white. It takes a little fore thought to remember to put it on to dry before getting carried away with the yummy job of painting colour, but it’s certainly worth it for the effect you get afterwards.

You can carry on painting over it until you feel the painting is finished and then when it’s all dry, just rub it off with a clean finger. I love this part because it’s exciting seeing the whole painting get a lift when the white hi-lights are revealed.

© Claire Leggett "Cherries" January 2011

I’ve struggled to get a well lit, sharp picture of the finished thing because of the time of day and the snowy drizzle. But lets hope this is a fitting painting for 2011 and that life will resemble something like a bowl of cherries… 😉