Well here is something different today. I spent a lot of November and December telling you that I was decorating, decorating, sewing curtains and…oh, decorating! I love seeing other people’s homes and how they decorate and live, and  some of you asked to see the end results so here is the finished room; the top floor bedroom en suite.

Back in August it looked like this with a fireplace in one corner. Mr L had a vision of blocking off the end of the room and making an en suite but the fireplace was in the way…oh yeah, and the chimney breast! So Master L was set to the task of thumping it out (with a little help). Then came the long, slow line of quoters, some carpentry action (and a lot of sawdust everywhere) the most uncharismatic tiler that I have ever attempted to make smile (a broken grimace would have sufficed) and lots of plumbing high’s and low’s.

But just like childbirth, now it’s finished I’ve forgotten half the trouble it caused!

We shopped in John Lewis for all the bedding and fabrics. I love this cushion which is felt twisted into rosette’s. I examined it thoroughly before purchase and declared that “I could not make that!” so we bought them.

We wanted to go for a handmade, hand printed look to the room, so this curtain fabric was perfect (discontinued now I think as I just checked for a link to it and it wasn’t on the site anymore). It’s got that Festival of Britain vibe to it and is quite heavy weight linen.

Through that door is the en suite bathroom which is very hard to photograph (as is the whole room because it’s under the eaves and quite dark). The towels are by Amy Butler at John Lewis’. So here you have it. Anytime you want to come and stay it’s all ready although I warn you I’m not a morning person 🙂