How about some un-adulterated bright eye candy on this grey olde rainy day?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned borrowing this wallpaper sample book. It’s from Pip Studio in Amsterdam which does the most fabulous home decor range and stationary.

The book is an inspiration in itself. It is beautifully designed to not only show off their products but as a beautiful book in it’s own right.

It may be rather too large but it would make a wonderful coffee table book (although there’d be no room for your cup!) Look at those adorable little paper shoes!

In the end we didn’t go for wallpaper but along the way my daughter has selected her favourites, and I can’t wait to get going on her room next year – it’ll be gorgeous and I’ll want to room with her!

This is the most amazing digital art wallpaper made up of clippings and pin heads.

And you can’t really see it here, but the right hand photo is one of embroidery which is printed realistically onto wallpaper. Stunning.

Well hopefully that has brightened your day and inspired you too. Have a great week.