Do you remember this little trip I made earlier in the year?

It seemed like a crazy idea to buy an AO size planchest before moving house but as we watched the removal men lumbering up three flights of stairs with it, we knew we’d made the right decision not to buy it and carry it up ourselves after the event!

Then when it got moved into the studio for the first time, there was a moment when my heart sunk and I thought ‘It’s SO huge – too huge”. It seemed to fill up the light airy space in one go.

That feeling was short-lived once I’d got unpacking and could fit everything I wanted to and more into this beautiful beast. And the top of it makes great work space too. So it was a lot of fun recently to label it up and finish it off. It’s been the biggest but best risk so far and I wouldn’t live without it now.

Thanks for all the birdbox love and comments – really appreciate hearing from you 🙂